Instructor: Mr. Porter & Ms. Wendy


Tutorials will Begin Sept. 2
AVID Students - we will begin our tutorials on Tuesday Sept. 2. We will have tutorials every Tuesday and Friday, for most of the school year. This means you will need to complete a Tutorial Request Form before the beginning of class on those days. You can pick up Tutorial Forms from the Plastic drawers in the AVID classroom, or you can print them off from the files section of your AVID class page.
Also, on FRIDAYS, we will have Binder/Note checks, and Grade checks. This means you will need to print off your grades from Powerschool before Friday each week. You can print for free from the Library at school, just let the librarian know you are from AVID. We will post each Tuesday or Wednesday which set of notes or subject we will check for Binder check. If you don't have notes for each day, then you will be expected to have a learning log. For Planner/Agenda checks, we expect to see something written for every period, for every day - and that you have written in due dates, assignments, or outside activities. If you have questions - see Mr. Porter!
Scholarship Workshop
Ms. Wendy Tavenner, our AVID Tutor Coordinator, will be hosting a Scholarship Workshop for Students and Parents for the City of Rio Rancho on Saturday Nov. 30th, from 9:30-11:30 at Star Heights Community Center (located at 800 Polaris Blvd Se, Rio Rancho). This would be a great chance to come and learn more specifics on how to find, apply and earn scholarships, and what you need to do after you have them. Call the center at 891-7230 to pre-register (limited number of computers available.) You won't want to miss it!
AVID T-Shirts for Sale
By Popular Demand! We now have AVID t-shirts for sale! They are Black Nike Dri-Fit shirts (men's and womens' style) with an Electric Blue and Silver CHS AVID design on the front. They are only $12! Please fill out the order form from Mr. Porter, return the form to him, and then pay the $12 to the CHS Activities Office. We need to get the pre-order completed by Friday Nov. 22! 
AVID Parent Workshop
Please join us on Wednesday Oct. 23rd at the CHS lecture hall from 6:30-8:00 for an AVID Parent Workshop. At this event, we will address the parent's and student's role in navigating the transition to college. We will help you understand financing college through scholarships and financial aid. We will also look at how to research colleges, visit colleges, apply to colleges and make decisions regaerding college. There are many, many options and we want to help provide the parents and the students with the most updated and acurate information. Bring your questiions - we'll try to answer all of them! See you at 6:30pm on Oct 23rd!
Martin Luther King Jr. NM Scholarship
AVID Juniors (Seniors-to-be) need to begin working on preparing their application for the Martin Luther King Jr. NM Scholarship. This application is due Sept. 9, 2013. Be sure to secure copies of your transcripts and letters of recommendations before Sept. 1, 2013. I have atached a copy of the application in the "Files" section of this School Fusion page. Or you can go to mlkmc.com. Let's go get some money!!
Scholarship Checklist
From Ms. Wendy- This is the greatest tool to get you started if you're looking for scholarships!
Scholarship Checklist (pdf)



Official AVID Page
Learn more about AVID through their official page and blog.
This is a blog by the AVID program that has some informative and interesting posts by AVID advisers, including posts by the founder of AVID, Mary Catherine Swanson.
AVID - Decades of College Dreams
This is the official AVID webpage. It has everything you need to know about this program- and more!

Links to videos about the AVID program.
2011 AVID National Conference
Information about the 2011 AVID National Conference being held in Orlando, Florida, December 08-10.
Celebrating 30 years of AVID
This video celebrates AVID's 30th anniversary and highlights its achievements in the past 30 years.
In Their Voices
Educators and AVID students talk about their experiences with the AVID program.
Introduction to AVID
This video provides a quick overview of the AVID program and what it is about.
AVID Website
This is the website for the AVID organization.
Khan Academy Website
This is a great website to help with the Eureka Math which is being taught now in RRPS.