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Choral Concert Details

Choir Concert

6pm – Choral warm-up and attendance in the choir room
7pm – Concert begins

Attire – Black Formal, black dress shoes; men please wear black socks/women please wear shoes no taller than 1”.

Hair – Away from the face. I will have extra bobby pins to assist students that do not follow this requirement.

Jewelry – NONE!!! NOTHING!!!! NADA!!!! I will have extra band-aids to assist students that do not follow this requirement.

Advertisements – Monday is the last day to turn in advertisements that will appear in this concert’s program.

Flowers – Flowers will be available for sale for $2. Please let me know if you would like to help with this task.

The purpose of our concerts is to promote music literacy. These details will help us share the hard work that happens in the classroom and that it is communicated effectively. Nothing should distract the audience from enjoying a night full of beautiful art. It’s all about the music!!

p.s. By this point, any excused absences or conflicts have been presented to Mrs. Flamm in written form. Any students with excused absences will be allowed to complete an alternate assignment, as stated in the syllabus and handbook, in order to avoid a significant drop in their Q1 grade. Thank you for your assistance in following this procedure.


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