LTC Jess Capel:  Senior Army Instructor, LET 2/3 Instr.,                 
1SG Melvin Crites: Army Instructor, LET 1/4 Instr., (in hiring process)

- JROTC is required to have physicals on file prior to competitions. Also required prior to practice but was able negotiate our deadline until 5 September. After that date, I can't allow cadets to practic/compete until I have the physical. Process is mostly automated this year. URL:

- Sent home parent letter (our rules/regulations for program), need it signed and returned for grade. Copy is posted under "useful links".

- This is a military style program. Males can't wear ear rings/ear gauges in the classroom. Uniforms are issued free of charge and are worn each Wednesday. Fridays are for PT (physical training). Keys to advancement: grades (above 2.0 MINIMUM), JCLC attendance (summer camp at Cloudcroft), and team participation (don't do anything/don't get anything...sort of like life).

- First practice is Tuesday 8/22/17. We practice daily except Fridays...usually finishing by 1630 (1530 on Wednesdays). We have kids that drive living in every neighborhood you live in that can give rides. I may not carry kids in my car per the Army. 

-Our teams include: air rifle, armed and unarmed drill, color guard, PT, and academics. 
We are good in PT and academics, rising in shooting, and hurting in the others. If any parents were skilled in JROTC drill during their HS days and can volunteer at those awkward times, we'd appreciate it especially anyone has a jazz, tap, cheerleading, dance, ballet ect background as we try to establish a (mostly) female, unarmed exhibition drill team. Strangely, I lack this background or rhythm.