LTC Jess Capel:  Senior Army Instructor, LET 2/3 Instr.,                 
1SG Melvin Crites: Army Instructor, LET 1/4 Instr.,

3/15/18  Army Ball this Saturday from 1730-2300. Deadline for alternative assignment is due tomorrow, no extensions, topic under useful links. As you might suspect, some of our cadets have interest in a military career. While I'm not in the recruiting business, we are around the recruiters and do pick up on a few things which I would like to discuss. First, 70% of military age people are ineligible for being too fat, can't pass the PT test, or can't achieve the military entrance test (ASVAB) minimum score which is 30. The New Mexico average for example is around 21. Physical issues take another chunk out of the mix. Prospective soldiers have to be off of ADHD drugs for two years before they can enlist. I often have seniors tell me in S2 that they "are thinking" about the military....that's a bit late in the year to develop a plan. Recruiters target seniors, once you graduate you are like old lettuce in the vegetable aisle. You might still get picked up if you are holding up but the farm just delivered a truckload of fresh rising seniors which will be their focus. Bottom line: if you child is interested in joining the military, don't delay, talk to the recruiters, take the practice ASVAB, take the SAT/ACT (any standardized test is good practice and your competition for promotion in the military is taking college courses on the side and you will not be competitive if you're not doing the same.) 

3/5/18  Unfortunately, we can only send 10 cadets to JCLC (summer camp) this year instead of the 18-20 we used to get being such a large program. We just found out that the Army made this decision. We have slotted the 10 most involved cadets. We are actively seeking to grab some of the other eight schools that are going slots that they may not fill, so, hopefully we will be able to get some others involved.

3/2/18 Today was the last day to purchase ball tickets. The alternative writing assignment is on emotional intelligence due prior to the ball. No extensions will be entertained. The rubric for the assignment is posted to the left under "useful links" and will be available at school. There is a short slide show for kids going to JCLC (week long summer camp at Camp Aspendale in Cloudcroft as well as the schedule for the week.

2/16/18  We are starting to talk about Junior Cadet Leadership Course attendance this summer with the cadets. I have put a brief under useful links to the left. Need to have a basic level of fitness as it's at 9,000ft up. Military Ball is 17 March at the Inn of Rio Rancho. This is a required event per the Army. Cadets may leave after the formal portion if they don't wish to dance. Cost is $15 for cadets and $31 for non-Cadets. Deadline for payment is 5 March. Parents are welcome to attend if they wish.

2/9/18  2 March is the deadline to purchase ball tickets $15 (required event). It will be at the Inn at Rio Rancho on 528. We are cleaning the UNM Pit on 25 February to fundraise. Kids can earn 50 extra credit points and potentially save their bacon grade wise.

2/7/18  Midterm grades come out next week and 1SG Crites/myself have contacted each parent whose child has a D or F in JROTC (school requirement). While doing so, we have discovered some "alternative facts" are being presented to parents by some Cadets. Our first class of the year was on how to wear the uniform, contrary to some reports that they were never taught. Most responsible people who "weren't taught" how to wear the uniform would not take zeros for 6 months. Also, contrary to reports we no longer wear the uniform, they are worn each Wednesday for a grade. As outlined in the 1/24/18 post below missing grades can be made up.

1/24/18  2nd semester activity log for our events has been added to useful links. More than a few kids are failing for not wearing uniform or being "sick" on Friday PT days. Uniform grades can be made up by wearing it on off days. PT can be made up after school by exercising with our PT team. Military Ball on 17 March is a graded event, tickets will be $15 for cadets/guests to be determined (fundraising dollars at work....we paid down $2,500 of the cost).

12/13/18  I have put the study guide for LET I and II cadets for the final exam under "useful links" to the left. Last graded fundraiser is cleaning UNM stadium this Saturday...lots of folks still need one (or both)...parents welcome to help out. Showtime is 1800 on the far east gate on Cesar Chavez Rd. Some kids still owe for the chocolate fundraiser..,no money = no credit. Return uniforms (for kids not coming back) dry-cleaned PLEASE (w/ the tag attached). Merry Christmas!

12/4/17  At the Duke City Drill Meet on 18 November, out boys PT team won a 2nd place trophy. The unarmed drill team earned a 3rd place finish in the inspection phase, our first drill trophy since 2014. Additionally, Emily Jurgens made the semi-finals in air rifle, our highest finish ever. A great, big Hooah to all the teams! As the end of the semester approaches, a few things to remember:

- If you are not returning next semester, dry clean your uniform and turn it in with the tag attached. Recommend getting a copy of your hand receipt, so we don't have to do multiple turn-ins. 11-13 are the turn-in dates. If uniforms are not turned in, the student will be added to the fine list until the uniform is returned or the approximately $400 is paid for a replacement uniform.

- MANY kids have either done no fundraiser or only one, and this is a graded event <must do two>. We have one last opportunity on 16 December. We will be cleaning UNM stadium after the New Mexico bowl, showtime 6:00 pm. Parents, friends, and siblings are welcome to help out so we can knock this out. Really need a good turnout. We are going to clean it anyway and it's really unfair if 10 people have to spend 4 hrs on a 2 hour mission because others can't be bothered.

- Still have kids with chocolate out (sale ended 3 months ago). Will be adding them to the fine list and turn in to the school for collection if not received by the end of the semester.

- Merry Christmas!

10/27/17  Asking for parental help to get our chocolate fundraiser $$ turned in. The sale ended over a month ago and $1,380 in money is still outstanding. Each box is $60 dollars. I will add funds not turned in by 10 November to the schools fine list. I have used initials to identify who still owes money:

A CO (1st period) AJL- box 17, NDG- 75, EYN- 42, JRG- 60
B CO (2nd period) JCY- Box 94
C CO (3rd period) JIR -box 7, IMG - 8, AWG - 11, AJG - 13, PJR- 66
D CO (4th period) NJM- box 23, EMM- 24, SLM- 25, MIGB- 29, KK- 33, EJP- 35,                                    LDS- 82
E CO (5th period) AVS- box 87, LMR- 69, IJB- 55, AKT- 71, DDM- two boxes,
                             SMW- 26

10/20 I would like to address name tags after getting some pleasant emails from a few parents. We start out the school with no budget from the Army. The fiscal year for the federal government starts 1 October. Around the start of August, higher level commands pull funding back from the their subordinate units and spend it themselves to ensure that all funds are used. As our Congress has approved a defense budget by the start of the fiscal year perhaps 3 times in the 27 years I have followed such things, we do not typically get any money till mid-October (or later). We have now received a very small amount of funding. However, 1SG Crites, being new, has to go through various training before he can order supplies. So bottom line: it will be a while before we can order uniforms and name tags and the limited funding provided under the Continuing Resolution Authority is not enough to get us right. We issued old name tags to new cadets who competed in the drill meet because you lose points and you are out of uniform without a name tag. We generally have some of the common Hispanic/Native American name tags left over, so they get lucky in some cases. We issued them out to other cadets so they see where proper placement goes. If you object to your cadet wearing wearing someone elses name tag, just have your cadet tell me and I will excuse them from uniform wear until the Army provides funding. As an alternative, we are offering the opportunity to purchase one for $3. 1SG is going to spend his own money to purchase name tags for all who need them...if they are telling us they don't want them, then we won't order them one. This will go out next week. Sorry for the confusion. I have asked the kids to explain why we are giving out old name tags but it apparently wasn't filtering back to you. 

10/17 We are not going to the drill meet this weekend due to lack of physicals. Has been harped on for months, don't have enough to field competitive teams. Will try again next month for Duke City. Grades will be in play next month as Q1 report cards come out next week. Must have above 2.0 GPA and no more than one F grade to compete (new requirement for activities this year).

10/16 Drill Meet at Piedra Vista HS in Farmington this Saturday is up in the air. The senior cadet put out a date to have physicals turned in (and I have hit it daily almost since school started) and we don't have enough on hand to form teams including several team commanders. We are being held to activity rules and must have physicals on hand...stay tuned. Schedule is posted under useful links.

10/12 Posted updated Balloon Fiesta Roster and the shifts under "useful links". Please make sure your guy/girls makes it..over 1/2 of budget comes from this.

10/9/17 Great turnout for Balloon Fiesta Fundraiser. There is no school Wednesday except for 10th graders who are taking the PSAT so we will not have our first uniform day until the 18th. The principal has given me the authority to collect physicals for the people on teams (since the other system was broke). Next drill meet is 10/21/17 in Farmington...I can't allow kids to compete without a physical on hand. Sorry but we are 9 weeks in now and I have to follow the rules.

10/5/17 1SG Crites is starting work tomorrow! We are working the balloon fiesta HARD the next two weekends. This weekend, we are working as ticket scanners for the Kiwanis Club on Sunday am (0300-0800) and pm (1400-2000). I will post who is scheduled (they volunteered) to work under useful links by the end of today. Pls ensure your cadet's word is his/her bond and they show. Transportation is on your own, carpooling is recommended. Plan on at least 30 minutes to get there. Directions for Sundays work is located here:

9/28/17 Early Bird Drill Meet this weekend at Valley HS in ABQ. Rifle team competes Friday at 4:00pm. All other teams will compete Saturday at the times indicated in "useful links" to the left. CSM Westover (our former Army Instructor) will be in charge while I have 5-6 kids working at the Balloon Fiesta (BF) grounds. We will be working BF hard the following two weekends as well as Friday, October 13 (day off from school). We are back operating under NM Athletics Association for competitions this year. This means kids that have under a 2.0 GPA or has more than one F on a quarter or semester report card can't compete until the next grading period (progress reports don't count).  First uniform day will be Wednesday, 11 October, some guys are needing haircuts badly. Chocolate sales are wrapping up. Some kids are saying their chocolates were stolen, they are still on the hook for the $60 worth of chocolate and will be placed on the fine list if not cleared.

9/22/17: Great news. We will competing next weekend even if physicals are not on hand. Pls continue to work them. I am working to require physicals for all cadets next year during the registration process which will eliminate (or at least reduce) the issues we have had this year. Matrix for the Early Bird Drill Meet is to the left under "useful links". Pls come out and support the cadets.


Next Monday (25 Sept) is the last day I will accept physicals for drill meet on 30 Sept. After many hard lessons of paying for drill meets that the kids later chickened out of, I won't pay for events we are not competing in and almost no new physical slips have come in, so we will go with what teams we have (if any) based on physical slips on hand by Monday.

We ran the coat check station at homecoming last Saturday and made over $600 for the program. Many thanks to the JROTC parents that ran it and thanks for my education on female, formal, footwear (lol)!

We are doing a chocolate sales fundraiser this and next week...pls support.


Have six parents volunteer to man the coat/shoes/purse check. Thank you! Please report by 7:30pm to the student goes from 8:00-11:00

Really need to get physicals in or we won't be competing in Early Bird. Ultimed in Enchanted Hills or Walgreens can give low cost walk-in physicals. The Early Bird Drill Meet schedule with our times is posted to the left under "useful links" Juice, water, fruit, pastry donations are always appreciated for drill meets.


 Homecoming week. We will have Color Guards for the coronation ceremony on Thursday, the Pep Rally and game on Friday. On Saturday, we will perform a sabre arch on mid-field for the court to walk under during their introductions. On Saturday, four of our young ladies will be competing in a biathlon (run/shoot) at La Cueva HS at 1100. Also, on Saturday, we will be running the shoes/purse/coat check station in the student store during the Homecoming Dance. The young ladies can't get their boogie on with their heels/purses, so they check them with us and we charge them $1/item and sell water as well. We usually clear $800-1,000 for the program. Asking for no more than 6 parents to man this station. Please email me or pass on via your kiddo if you can support. 

The calendar link to the left is updated through the end of 1st semester (but always being updated).


- JROTC is required to have physicals on file prior to competitions. Also required prior to practice but was able negotiate our deadline until 5 September. After that date, I can't allow cadets to practic/compete until I have the physical. Process is mostly automated this year. URL:

- Sent home parent letter (our rules/regulations for program), need it signed and returned for grade. Copy is posted under "useful links".

- This is a military style program. Males can't wear ear rings/ear gauges in the classroom. Uniforms are issued free of charge and are worn each Wednesday. Fridays are for PT (physical training). Keys to advancement: grades (above 2.0 MINIMUM), JCLC attendance (summer camp at Cloudcroft), and team participation (don't do anything/don't get anything...sort of like life).

- First practice is Tuesday 8/22/17. We practice daily except Fridays...usually finishing by 1630 (1530 on Wednesdays). We have kids that drive living in every neighborhood you live in that can give rides. I may not carry kids in my car per the Army. 

-Our teams include: air rifle, armed and unarmed drill, color guard, PT, and academics. 
We are good in PT and academics, rising in shooting, and hurting in the others. If any parents were skilled in JROTC drill during their HS days and can volunteer at those awkward times, we'd appreciate it especially anyone has a jazz, tap, cheerleading, dance, ballet ect background as we try to establish a (mostly) female, unarmed exhibition drill team. Strangely, I lack this background or rhythm.