Marc Roberts

Marc Roberts

Acting/ Advanced Acting/Thespians

Teacher:  Mr. Roberts

I teach Acting and Story of Movies (film appreciation) at CHS. I also am the Instructional Leader for Fine Arts and Electives and advisor for the Thespian Club, Troupe 7726.

Welcome back to our Storm family for the school year 17-18!  I am looking forward to a great year of rehearsing and performing theater.  We will begin the year working on the Festival play and individual events, move on the the Madrigal Dinner play, "A Loop in Time," and then the mainstage play and one-act plays for the Spring.

We are now preparing for the George Nason Drama Festival in Albuquerque.  Here is some useful information:

George Nason Drama Festival

Scheduled for November 16 and 17, 2017.


About 20 students are going to meet at Sandia High School on Thursday and Los Lunas High School on Friday to participate in the festival.  Your son or daughter has expressed interest in attending the festival with CHS and has auditioned or otherwise committed to participate.  The festival involves meeting at Sandia and Los Lunas using parent/student transportation in the morning and evening. The school will cover all Festival costs other than a donation from each student to the Homeless Project of about $5 worth of items such as socks or school supplies.  We will be informed what type of donation our school is responsible for before the festival. Other than that, students should have sufficient cash to purchase food. 


Thursday, 11/16 Sandia High School                              Friday, 11/17 Los Lunas High School


10 am         Welcome and Into                                        10 am             Welcome and Intro

10:15           Sandia                                                       10:15            Los Lunas

10:50           PAPA                                                         10:50            Valencia

11;15           Hoover                                                       11:25            Break

11:35            Break                                                        11:40            Eldorado

11:50            Del Norte                                                   12:55            Lunch

12:15            Kennedy                                                    2:15            Workshop 1

12:35            Valley                                                        3:30            Break

12:55            presentation to Title I Homeless Project      3:45            Workshop 2

1:10               Lunch                                                       5:05            report back to theatre

2:15            La Cueva                                                     5:20            Dismissal

2:45            Cleveland

3:20            Atrisco Heritage

3:50            Break

4:05            Next Gen

4:30            Albuquerque High

5:05            Eisenhower

5:20            Dismissal


There will be more forms and official permission slips to come.


Thank you,


Marc Roberts, Drama Director


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