Class of 2020

Welcome to CHS Class of 2020!

Ms. Torres (A-L) 
(505) 938-0300 x52696  

Mr. Pertner (M-Z) 
(505) 938-0300 x52572

 SEIL (Special Education Instructional Leader)
Ms. Sanchez ​

Mission Statement 

The role of the counselor is to assist all students, through a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program to reach their emotional, social, and academic potential.

Appointments with Counselors  

Parents-Please contact your student’s Counselor by phone or email to set up an appointment.

Students-To schedule an appointment with your School Counselor, sign up in the 9th grade office.

*Attention Parents*
Credit Recovery Paperwork will be coming soon!

10 Basic Student Responsibilities

1. Attend school everyday (every class no tardies! no double lunches!) If you are absent from class(s), ask your teacher(s) for assignments you missed.

2. Make time to study each afternoon or evening (for example, one hour per day, Sunday through Thursday). If you do not have any homework assignments, prepare for one or more of your classes by reading an assigned chapter of one of your subjects. If you have an upcoming test, you may need additional time to review.

3. Read your textbook -Read assigned chapters, preferably before teachers speak on subject(s).

4. Take notes in class- When your teacher(s) lecture, write down important dates, facts and phrases.

5. Study prior to tests- Summarize chapters, class notes and handouts. Have someone quiz you. Write note cards and test yourself.

6. Listen in class (Stay awake!). If you are a morning person, take harder classes for periods 1 and 2. If you are not a morning person, take harder classes for period 6 and 7.

7. Get enough rest- Go to sleep no later than 10:00 pm.

8. If you are taking a World Language or Mathematics course- Practice, practice, practice, class time is not sufficient time to learn these subjects.

9. Get help if you do not understand your homework assignment(s). Ask your teacher for additional assistance- ask additional questions in class-ask a friend-ask your parent/guardians. Ask your teacher if tutoring is available. Click here for the math tutoring schedule

10. Absolutely “NO Zeros” If you have not completed a homework assignment turn it in anyway. Partial credit is better than no credit. If your teacher(s) allow(s) for redoing an assignment(s) or late assignments, redo &/or complete - then turn them in to be graded.

Mental Health Resources

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