Cyber Patriots


State Round Results
February 12, 2016
Dear Coach or Mentor,
Congratulations on the completion of the State Round.
We regret and apologize for the disappointment we know comes from not having the Ubuntu image fully scored or the Cisco Packet Tracer exercise factored into team standings. We know teams worked hard to prepare for both, and not having their preparation rewarded is unfortunate. But in our absolute commitment to competition integrity and to fairness for all teams we were left with no choice.
In the case of the Ubuntu image, we became aware of the potential compromise of a portion of the vulnerabilities. Accordingly, we scored only that portion of the image for which we could be certain no team had received an unfair advantage.
Cisco Packet Tracer was initially locked for several hours and was posted with an improperly set system timer. This resulted in the unavailability of the exercise to any team after three hours had passed during the six-hour round. This would have unfairly penalized teams who had, for example, started Packet Tracer at the beginning of the round and expected to work on it in the fourth hour of their six hour schedule. No matter how well prepared, they would have unfairly received a score of zero.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure fairness, no team was denied the opportunity to advance to the Regional/Category Round as a result of the Ubuntu adjustment. Accordingly, the list of advancing teams includes those who would have advanced had the Ubuntu image been fully scored AND teams who were selected to advance based on the reduced Ubuntu scoring opportunity.
Scores from all teams that participated in the State Round (Open and All Service Divisions) are below. Middle School Semifinals Practice Round will not have scores published because the scores are not official. The scores are presented in Excel spreadsheets that teams may use to sort and filter by team number, tier, score, etc.
Teams advancing to the Regional Round and Category Round are noted in the below documents. For more on tiers and advancement, CLICK HERE.

Award Winners
Please find the list of teams winning state awards in the lists below. State Award winners will receive certificates for their achievement following the National Finals Competition. In the event of a tie, procedures in paragraph 3010.3 of the Rules Book were used as tie-breakers. For more on how State Awards are given, CLICK HERE.
Note: Tier Awards and vulnerability categories will be published in Part 2 of the State Round Results email.