Theatre Tech Club

The CHS Theater Tech Club rules the stage all year round. This is the foundation of our awesome, 'World Reknowned' stage crew, recognized among the elite state-wide. We meet Thursdays after school in the concert hall where we plan events, design staging, and learn more about our State-of-the-Art equipment and production gear. This is your ticket and Back Stage Pass for all Fine Arts events here at Cleveland High School.


The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
This year marks the first Theater Tech / Stagecraft friendly competition with Rio Rancho High School. Rio Rancho is producing the musical "Oklahoma" next month. Oklahoma is near and dear to my heart as my senior class (Holliston High School, Holliston MA Class of 1976) also performed it. I was in the pit orchestra and my good friend Jay Alger played Curly. Jay is currently on a worldwide tour as Music Director for the 50th Anniversary production of the Sound of Music.

Our CHS Theater Tech and Stagecraft classes are building a 'surrey'; a type of covered 2 seat wagon used in the play. Rio Rancho's classes are also building one. Both surreys will be on display outside of the PAC at RRHS on the night of each performance. Incoming audience members will get to vote on which surrey will be used for each performance. This is a complicated stage prop, so please wish us luck in the assembly process.
Theater Tech Club Has Begun
The world renowned CHS Theater Tech Club has kicked off the 2015 - 2016 school year. Meetings are held each Thursday right after school in the concert hall until 4:00pm. All students are welcome!
2016 -2016 Has Begun!
School Of Rock meets every Monday right after school in the concert hall. All are welcome, from beginning musicians to already formed bands. This year we'll be hosting a monthly performance in the cafeteria on the last Friday of each month, there will be plenty of opportunity to perform for hundreds of your friends and fellow students!
Theater Tech at Cirque du Soleil
Theater Tech Club visited the Santa Ana Star Center to get an up-close view of the Cirque De Soleil show Varekai during a recent stop on their tour. For a full story, see Gary Herron's article in the Rio Rancho Observer:
Concert in the Cafeteria
On Friday, March 27th during both A and B lunch the CHS School of Rock bands Daybreak and Freshmen will be performing on stage inside the CHS Cafeteria. This is the third concert this year and each band is getting better and better. Come support these musicians as they perform both original music and covers!
Rosco Mfg. Visits
Henry Cowen & Jenny Knott of Roscoe Mfg. Inc. stopped by our class this week. Henry is the Southwest company representative and Jenny manages Rosco's Theaterical paints and accessories division. The two discussed the state of theatrical products today, and what it's like to work at the jobs they hold- a typical month at Rosco.
What we can accomplish!
Here is an example of what Theater Tech Class, Club, and Crew can do in three short weeks when we put our minds to it... Their teacher is SO PROUD of all of them!
Cirque crew pulls back curtain for theater class

What a great opportunity for our Theater Club!
Click to read the January 20 article (pdf).
Cirque de Soleil
On Tuesday, 1/15/13 our CHS Theater Tech Club has been invited to watch the final portion of the load-in for Cirque de Soleil at the Santa Ana Star Center. Like last year, their show 'Quidam' will roll in with roughly 20 semi trucks full of state-of-the-art equipment from their world tour. Nick Morales, the Cirque Tour Manager will be talking to the kids about the show, life on the road, and answering any questions they may have. 

Students interested in attending should arrive at the SASC front door (lower level) no later than 3:00pm, we'll be there until 5:00pm.
Fall Plays Huge Success!
I am incredibly proud of this class with their performances of the plays "Will" & "And" this week. They were poised, well prepared, and displayed mad skills on stage. Including open dress rehearsals, they performed overall in front of several hundred people which is a very big deal for young actors. Kudos to the Theater Tech students who helped with direction, lighting, design and management. I'm a very proud and happy teacher today!

Stay tuned for more information about the Tennessee Williams classic play "Streetcar Named Desire" which will be performed in March 2013!
CHS Annual Madrigal Dinner Approaches!
Friday evening, December 7th, 2012 in the CHS Cafeteria. Come feel the magic! 
TTC 2012!
Meetings have begun for 2012- we had a great turnout on August 30th and will meet again on 9/6/12 right after school in the concert hall. Planning has begun for our fall/winter schedule which includes the Madrigal Dinner and several other concerts and events. Our 2012 T-Shirt is being designed and will be ready to order after our third club meeting. We're looking forward toward a most awesome 2012-13 school year here in Fine Arts!
Field Trip a success
Thanks to all who participated, Shayne Abrahamson, Helene Apper, Rich Garland, and Mr. Calabrese (who I found out knew some of the people I used to work with in CT- small world...) as chaperones, and especially thanks to Mikey Newman and Eric from Cirque du Soleil for answering questions and making this possible, and to Keisha & Chris Jones from the Star Center for escorting us and answering more questions. Lastly, thank you students for behaving in a manner that we've come to expect at CHS- the best!
Field Trip!
Today our Drama I, Theater Tech class & Club are bussing over to the Santa Ana Star Center to watch the Cirque Du Soleil equipment load in. This is a rare opportunity to see over 200 stage crew members set up 18 semi trucks worth of staging and equipment in a world class setting. Thanks to the Star Center Management and to Mike Newman, the Cirque du Soleil production manager who has invited us today to watch the proceedings. We're very excited and honored to be there. 
Meeting Times
Theater Tech Club meetings have moved to Thursdays after school in the concert hall for the rest of second semester. please check the schedule in the control room for upcoming events to sign up for.

The School of Rock will continue to meet second semester every Monday after school.
Cirque du Soleil Field Trip
Mr. Abrahamson is taking several classes to visit the Santa Ana Star Center on Feb. 28th, 2012. Cirque du Soleil is beginning their load in for an 8 show run and Mike Newman, the interim production manager for Drallion has invited students to watch the process as 12+ semi trucks roll in and the show is set up by over 150 hired stage hands and crew members. 

Our classes will be watching the process from an area inside, and Mr. Newman will be explaining the process and introducing various crew and cast members to the students. The trip does not include tickets for the show.