2020 Tennis season is Cancelled. The coaches want to ensure you all are ok and Coach LaCour will post workouts and other things you can do for the remainder of what would have been our season. We know this is not the same and hope you all can take comfort in us still trying to send you things to get you better even if we cannot be with you. Please hit if at all possible if there are courts you can use. Great to get out in the fresh air and hitting!! Other workouts will be posted for you to stay in shape as well. None of this is required but it is a tool to stay fit and active while still getting better for next season.  Please contact Coach LaCour by email if you have questions or need anything at all (

All days: hit if you can/ or you can look into getting this tool that will allow you to hit on your own and if you don't have a court (
You can also make your own (some instructions online if you would rather do that)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday (about 30 min)

-Run 15 min
-3 sets of 1 min suicides
-5 min abs (ea. 1 min: russian twist/crunch feet on ground/V-Ups/plank on elbows/crunch feet off ground)
-2 sets of 15 push ups
-jump rope (fast feet) 1 min/rest/1 min


- set timer for 30 min and do all the way through as many times as you can in 30 min (minimal rest between)
-Watch tennis video (of a match/ technique video)

Seniors we are so sorry that this has happened and we really are so saddend by the outcome. We are wishing you the best as you go foward and hope to have you stay in touch and come see us in the future!

Varsity & JV schedules attached below

Parent Transportation attached below

Tennis Handbook