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SBA Review
Students who would like to see the Power Points and Review sheets can find them in the SBA folder below.
Follow this link to Rio Rancho's page where you can find all of the required paperwork.
Attention Expo Participants!!
This site's purpose is to aid students, parents, teachers, and sponsors who are interested in aspects of the Rio Rancho Public Schools Student Research EXPO (SRE) particularly at the Senior Level (high school, 9th – 12th grade). It contains the documents necessary for a participant to prepare for, enter, and compete in the SRE, as well as the schedule for submission deadlines, contacts, and a whole host of other information.
Students from Rio Rancho High School, Cleveland High School, Independence High School, Cyber Academy, and many of the middle schools will be participating . Because of this structuring, the following guidelines are in place:
  • This year the RRPS Research Expo will be held at Cleveland High School. The location will alternate between RRHS and CHS each year.
  • The Senior Level (high school) competition will be held on 21 January, 2015. Non-RRHS students will report to their regular schools and be bussed to and from the Expo during the normal school day.
  • RRPS SRE Senior Level competition will be limited to 300 participants per year (plus special invites).
  • RRHS and CHS will each have 150 guaranteed slots.
  • Approved projects over 150 from either high school will be put on an 'alternates' list.
  • Alternates will be allowed to compete if the other high school has under 150 participants, or projects from their high school withdraw.
  • Projects from IHS or Cyber, and selected ones from the Middle Schools will fall under the 'special invites' category.
*Taken from Rio Rancho High School Student Research Expo Website
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