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“Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn."

- Ben Franklin

To learn more about gifted services for New Mexico, you'll find it under links... an amazing resource, elementary through secondary.
Gifted FAQ's

Gifted Education in New Mexico

There are many questions from parents to teachers to case managers, interested in knowing more about gifted students- processes for identification, and differences between high achievers and gifted students and so much more! 
Click here to access the 2011-2012 FAQ Sheet!
Transitional Competency Questionnaire
Successful transition can be challenging for many secondary students with disabilities.  In an effort to learn how to effectively assist high school students plan for their futures, the University of New Mexico and high schools in the Rio Rancho Public School District are participating in a research study entitled Transitional Competency Questionnaire: Connecting Transition Assessment to...Click for details.

Gifted & Talented Resources and Supports 

Wonderful information if looking for college scholarships, fellowships, and much much more!
Gifted Ed in NM
Technical Assistance Manual updated 2011
"Homework help sites- like Abstract Algebra, Intro to Muscle Physiology & Design, Shakespeare Bookshelf, and more- great resource for parents & kids of all ages!"
NAGC- Common Core State Standards
"Frequently Asked Questions About the Common Core State Standards and Gifted Education"
Technology & the Gifted Child

How to configure % Change

great website that calculates percent-change, so when looking at NWEA score you can use this tool for percentage gain or loss. Thought it was a nice tool so wanted to share it.

How to Succeed in High School 
Scholarships for HS Seniors
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For the writer in you! These essay competitions cross different disciplines & some range from elementary through high school!

Resources for Parents 
Gifted & Talented

ABCs of Gifted
NAGC (National Association for Gifted Children) has created this resource to help parents learn more about their gifted child, how to advocate & become more informed!
Understanding Assessment
Resources for parents!
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All Kinds of Minds
Covers all topics and issues related to learning differences
Information and support about learning disorders and ADHD

Resources for Students
How to Succeed in High School
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Resources for High School Students
Spark Notes
Online study guide for English literature

Resources for K-5
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Resources for Middle School Students

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Scholarships and more
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Spark Notes
Online study guides for English literature
TED-Ed Subjects

Resources for Teachers
Authentic Learning

Professional Organizations
links to local, state, and national organizations
American Speech-Language Hearing Association
Information about speech and language disorders and intervention
National Association for Gifted Children
This link provides information & Resources for Teacher Prep and Program Standards

Project/Problem-Based Learning
http://2010 Pre-K-Grade 12 Gifted Programming Standards
2010 NAGC PreK-12 Gifted Programming Standards
Great graphic to show the ALM model
Differentiated Learning for Gifted Students
The Puzzle of Differentiating Learning for Gifted Students
by Barbara Swicord, Ed.D.
President, Summer Institute for the Gifted

Resources for Teachers & Parents
Social & Behavioral
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Do2learn provides thousands of free pages with social skills and behavioral regulation activities and guidance, learning songs and games, communication cards, academic material, and transition guides for employment and life skills. In addition, we offer......

Resources & Strategies- Twice Exceptional
Do2Learn Educational Resources
Great for Educators, Parents, and others who work with 2E students!

Tips & Tools for Success For all students!  
8 Common Traits in Successful Leaders
Ten years of research and 500 face-to-face-interviews led Richard St. John to a collection of eight common traits in successful leaders around the world.
How to Study..
If you apply some or all of these suggestions, you'll be working "smarter not harder"!
Memorization Tips
Tips and techniques
Study Guides & Strategies
"Project planning/organizing class projects

This sequence will help you to consider your project in stages,
whether a group or individual project.
You may need less detail, but at least consider each action category. "
Test Anxiety!
You're not alone! Take the suggestions provided!