Attention Seniors: Export Google Drive Files

Attention Seniors: Save your Google Drive Data
You will have access to your RRPS Google account until July 23rd, 2021 to export any Google Drive files you want to take with you after graduation.

Transfering School Google Drive Files to Personal Google Account:

Make sure you have your own personal Gmail account.  If you do not have one currently, you can go to and create one.  It is free.  Please note: G Suite for Education accounts have unlimited storage, but personal Google accounts do not. Depending how many files you have, you may need to purchase additional Google Drive storage or use a different storage method.

Export a copy of your files into your own personal gmail account before July 23rd using Google takeout or the export function:


1. Put all the files and folders you want into one folder

2. Download the folder containing all of the files

3. Upload the folder to your personal Google Drive