UNM PNM Math Contest

We are excited to participate in the UNM PNM Math Contest this year.  The first round of the contest will be held virtually and students can register online at  http://mathcontest.unm.edu/ or using the QR code on the attached flyer.

To participate in the contest, each contestant must sign up individually. This includes providing a working email address, so that we can send out the contest link. Each school, math club, etc. should also have a sponsor, so that we can communicate the school’s overall scores, or have a point of contact if we cannot reach a student. 

The contest timeline is as follows:

October 27, 2021 Deadline to sign up for students and teachers. The registration forms are at http://mathcontest.unm.edu/
October 30, 2021 Link to the Round I exam is emailed to the contestants
October 30, 2021—November 01, 2021 The Round I exam can be unlocked for 3:30 hours at any convenient time
December 06, 2021 Round I exam results are emailed to students and their teachers. Invitation letters are e-emailed to Round II qualifiers
February 05, 2022 Public lecture (TBA) and Round II exam
April 16, 2022 Banquet for contest winners