Welcome to Cleveland High School, Home of the STORM!

CHS Campus


4800 Cleveland Heights Rd. NE
Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87144
Main (505) 938-0300
Fax (505) 338-3474
We are located east of the Santa Ana Star Center.

CHS Important Information

Scott Affentranger
Vice Principal, 
Vicky McCarty
Mr. Affentranger's Administrative Assistant, Toni Morgan x 52330
Noel Chavez x 52309
Attendance Clerk, Sheri Brammeier x 52311
Kristen Netcher x 52324
Registrar's Clerk, TBA x 52332
Julie Ferron x 52322
Production Room, TBA  x 52373
Book Room, 
Mina Garcia x 52379
Bilingual Coordinator/ELL,
 TBA x 52562
Food Services Manager, 
Tammy Villicana x 52385
Food Services Manager, 
Linda Valdez x 52398
Army JROTC, 
Jess Capel x 52414

Media Center
Librarian, Deena White x 52355

Class of 2025
Assistant Principal, 
Shawn Havill x 52699
SecretaryDonna Raimondi x 52215
Counselor A-L,
Pam Cooke  x 52533
Counselor M-Z, 
Brenda Sanchez x 52221

Class of 2024
Assistant Principal, 
Rebecca Bruere x 52628 
Kristal Ledoux x 52530
Counselor A-L, 
Jesssica Vreeland x 52536
Counselor M-Z,
Jessica Garcia  x 52572

Class of 2023
Assistant Principal, 
Rudy Galindo x 52630
Secretary, Jessica Sepulveda  x 52615
Counselor A-L,
Alexandra Kramer x  52696
Counselor M-Z, 
 Ben Lukoski x 52218

Class of 2022
Assistant Principal, Millan Baca x 52576
Sara Nelson x 52675
Counselor A-L, 
Jaime Ulibarri x 52678
Counselor M-Z, 
Ashley Aragon x 52682

Health Office:
Jessica Perezx 52346
Nurse EA, 
Julie Bernardoni x52345
Click here to view the Health Office webpage

Special Education Services:
Site Specialist, 
Stephanie Sanchez 
Site Specialist, 
Tasha Rachal
Secretary, Tammy Garcia x 52571
Transition Specialist, 
Maxine Cordova x 52586
Social Worker, 
Julie Ackron x 52588
Social Worker, 
Nicole Kaufman x 52677
Debra McGuire x 52627
Tom Tice x 52634
Adriana Lopez x 52631
Recreational Therapist, 
Lynn Keck x 52551
Recreational Therapist, 
Kathy Fritz x 52551
Physical Therapist, 
Tracy Perkins x 52551
Visual Support, 
Cathie Haggard x 52589 (also at RRHS)

Campus Officers- DPS (School Resource Officers)
Ray Olesky x 52349
Donna Chavez x 52341

Safety and Security, 
Mike Padilla x 52222
Security Manager, 
Don Mangin x 52332

Maintenance and Building Services:
Building Engineer, 
Dave Kasten x 52389
Assistant Engineer, 
Michael Murphy x 52389
Custodial Foreman, 
Kyle Larson x 52537

Education Technology:
Network Support, 
Jenna Bork x 52375
Ed Tech Support / Web Coordinator,
 Kimberly Griego x 52377

Stacy Salinas x 52363

Matt Martinez x 52421
Secretary, Annette Castillo x 52420

CHS Advisory Parent:
Jerica Jones,

School Profile

School Profile:
Updated August 2020

Mascot: Storm
Colors: Electric Blue, Silver, and Black
Grade Levels Served: 9-12
Four-Year Graduation Rate: 89.9%
Founded: August 2009 by Rio Rancho Public Schools

Staff Profile:

Employees: 221
Teachers: 139
Instructional Support Staff: 41
Non-Instructional Support Staff: 41

School Goals:
Student Excellence

School Programs:
Comprehensive HS featuring a strong academic program in the core subjects as well as varied and rich elective classes, outstanding athletics and fine arts programs, and a wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

GeographImageic Area Served:
North of Northern Blvd.

Student Profile:
: 2,632 (August 2020)
Percent Special Education: 10.5%
Percent English-Language Learners: 1.8%
Percent Free/Reduced Meals: 32.6%

Ethnicity/Race: The percentages for each category are rounded up or down to the nearest .1 which may cause the total to slightly exceed or be below 100%. In addition, families of mixed-race heritage may now also designate their child as being of more than one race. This may cause the percentages to add up to a number that is other than 100%.

African-American: 4.0%
American Indian: 6.4%
Asian: 1.8%
Caucasian (non-Hispanic): 30.5%
Hispanic: 56.8%
Pacific Islander: 0.5%
Other/unknown: 0.1%