Attention All High School Seniors written over an image showing five students with computers talking while sitting under a tree
High School Credit Recover with an image of two high school students with backpacks standing on stairs
RRPS at Home services. Image shows a young teen working on a laptop computer.
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Photo of a backpack with ear phones, a laptop, books and glasses
Rendering of what the new CTE Center may look like once completed.
Image of different balls used in various sports
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Representatives from both CHS and RRHS marching bands show off their awards
A message from NMDOH and NMPED
Thank you teacher message on a chalkboard
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Career Technical Education: Which road will you take towards more than 60 career paths?
My child has COVID-19 symptoms
There are 23 languages spoken by students within the district.
RRPS Career Technical Education - Igniting Student Potential
Discipline Matrix - Mask Addendum
School device insurance coverage for school issued technology devices.
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